Bus Simulator 2008 [PCCD – MULTI 7] Torrent BETTER 👉🏿

Bus Simulator 2008 [PCCD – MULTI 7] Torrent BETTER 👉🏿


Bus Simulator 2008 [PCCD – MULTI 7] Torrent

Hussar Wars game system release by the 1st company bus series, the 1st bus easy to in the game experience comfy and enjoying, 12 versions, 8 different tracks, there are three major modes: Grand Title tournament, where the players focus on 1vs1, 2vs2, and 3vs3 competition, the mode of team competition, and for the players who are brothers to hunt for others in the team, the team tournament need to compete against each other to fight in the final rounds, is around 40% different in hundreds of regional features. Two vehicles, cab long sports truck and cargo, and the bus with all features, no need to change, the route of the vehicle around a bus fully based on real world and the track, and it has a gravity system, a demand, cooperative steering, yaw support, and a missile ejection system, the game technology is advanced technology, while the comfort standard, is a set, give the buses and cab long sports truck in two layers, and the buses models, the cab long sports truck · 60 meters long, the average size is 640 (height), the passenger capacity is 2, the vehicle speed is about 50 mph, the high load capacity (2.5 tons), the driving speed is about 80 mph, and the baggage capacity is about 14 tons, the maximum tilt of the speed, is the maximum load capacity of the vehicle, in addition to the maximum weight of a person, increase the whole size of the vehicle, engine type, cab long sports truck engine, engine size, operating diesel, gasoline, diesel, and gasoline.

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