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Authentication in Twisted client-server scenario

I want to authenticate the client-server communication using an SSL-client.
The client authentication is pretty straight-forward as I just need to do simple key exchange and authentication with server.
My problem comes from authenticating the server.
I can easily think of ways to authenticate the server (need to know the public key somehow), but my doubts are these:

For each new connection, I need to start a SSL-connection with the server for it to obtain the certificate. Won’t it be a heavy process?
The server will need to be authenticated at regular intervals (it won’t be always running). If the authentication and client key exchange is being done at the start of each connection, won’t be heavy?

Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.
Thank you.


If I understand what you’re getting at correctly, you want to „trick” the client into thinking it’s talking to the real server. I don’t think there’s a way around starting a new SSL connection on each connection. In the past, I’ve hacked it together by:

If the server is already running, unload it (probably via a Twisted monkey patch).
Create a new instance of the server
Use the new instance to impersonate the old instance (?)
Switch back to the original server

I was talking to something similar to this in this exchange –


Once the server authenticate the client and the server authenticates the client, it’s fine to reuse the same SSL connection for subsequent exchanges. It’s just as easy to set up the handshake again and reuse the same connection for each new connection (it just needs to send another handshake packet).
The heavy process is just the one round trip to authenticate the client, which is after all the main cost of SSL anyway.


You can use the InMemoryTransport to inject a new tunnel at every connection.
You should add the customised packets to the connection

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