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„You are the means through which I’ll learn of your weakness. You are not worthy of the name „human”. And your kind, I will erase…Just as I’m meant to. I’m the second coming of the Creator, and you will be erased. THIS IS HOW I LEARN ABOUT HUMANS!”
Inferno 2 includes the following features:
* 80+ Levels
* 19 Weapons (including new features like the Switchblade!)
* 9 Powers
* 9 Ship Types
* 13 Different Music Tracks
* Customizable Gamepad and Keyboard/Mouse Controls
* Single Player Campaign
* New Game+ mode
* Steam Support
* Improved Multiplayer
* Tons of secrets to discover
* Tips & Tricks!
* Dynamic Difficulty Levels
* „Rollback” to previous saves
* Many hours of game play
* Achievements and Leaderboards!
Get it before the price doubles on August 1st!
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You are a young inventor aboard a capsule heading to the Moon. You have ten days to create the most useful invention for mankind – a machine that will increase the distance of human space exploration. Your final invention: The interplanetary atmosphere separation machine.
Project Icarus is an indie, independent, third-person, action-adventure game for PC, Mac, Linux, and eventually, mobile platforms.

The sequel to Inferno+, Radiangames’ critically-acclaimed twin-stick action-RPG, arrives on PC at last! INFERNO 2 boasts even more devious levels, more weapons, more upgrades and powers, more enemies, and more customization, along with more insane explosions and particle effects.
BIGGER, BETTER, BADDER! Inferno 2 on PC is everything Radiangames fans have been waiting for:
* Play through 80+ levels of atmospheric awesomeness
* New Game+ mode adds even more replayability
* Customizable gamepad and KB/mouse controls
* 3 difficulty levels (change it up at any time)


Inferno Features Key:

  • Detective Game
  • Anti-Piracy

Key Features:

  • PC Game
  • Mature Game
  • Stunning Animated Graphics
  • True Noir Music
  • High Quality Sound Effects
  • 3 Languages: English, Russian


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Heroes of Normandie is a tactical board game of deep and strategic combat, high stakes and superlative strategy, a game of life and death, and a game of romance.
Fast, tactical, and fun, this PC board game is easy to learn, but difficult to master.
Play solo or play with friends, the game can be played for a single hour or over several days. You can enter the game at any time and play as long as you like, no need for a turn timer.
– 47 unit cards with a wide range of special abilities
– 10 special cards, dynamic army building, and victory conditions
– A gameboard
– 1 AI opponent that plays throughout the game
– 1 Strategy Guide
– 4 powerful scenario campaign elements
– A battle scene featuring exciting illustrations
– 7 different game variations
– 1 new rulebook

The United States of America, known as „The New World” or „America”, is not the only country to have previously occupied the Western Hemisphere. Canada, Mexico, and the United States are the only countries to have ever attempted and (at least partially) succeeded in colonization of the Americas.
Historically, Canada was controlled and administered by the British Royalty, in turn controlled by the British Empire.
Mexico was originally part of the Spanish Empire, but was, in 1821, broken up into two separate entities – the Federal Republic of Mexico and the Mexican State of Coahuila y Tejas.
The United States is a state in the Northern Hemisphere and the only state in the Americas to be directly south of a „state” within its own country (although there is one state in the southwest of Canada which also lie within the borders of the United States). The United States of America is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and Mexico to the north and south, with Canada and Mexico meeting in the east.
# Animating CSS with CSS Filters



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What’s new in Inferno:

: Commentary on Chapter 7

The following commentary on Chapter 7 of the Book of Matthew was written by Philip Peter Lutgen, circa 1960. It is a conglomeration of the New Testament’s “Opening and Closing” sections, and was compiled with the Book of Matthew by Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Orange, California.

Lord, forgive my ignorance and malice, please!

Lucia of the Oread Field: The strange preacher rushes about in worship, impetuously waving his hands and shouting. Too much windows are open! There is no air to breathe! Too many burdocks! Barnacles! Cats! Sheep! Everlasting lice! Witches’ gossips! Killers! Infectious pustules! Gripe-throated vipers! Hunchbacks! Barbadoes cockle! Big brick bakers! Garlic in the dough! Butter in meals! If that woman’s nose were one-thousand yards long, it would run through this town! The plague! The pestilence! The septic fever! The plague! The plague! The plague! The plague!

Lord, forgive my ignorance and malice, please!

Reggie of the Royal Cherry Orchard: There is in a drunken, brawling colony of poor farmers (I) fellow men of low estate who live by their wits upon the toil of their hands, in the stench of the pig-sties, and in the stench of their own wives; there is also an avaricious, prodigal rabble of peasants (II) who spend lavishly for luxuries; these are the coarse, ignorant, and vicious. About these two classes (III) the preacher must be a pious, learned, and holy man, gifted with the Spirit of Truth and the Sacred Way. In Scripture, (IV) his function is to mingle with them in friendship and love, to speak words of compassion and healing to their perverse and turbid souls, and to take a sincere interest in their affection for him.

Lord, forgive my ignorance and malice, please!

Jonas of the Plumb Beach: As punishment for an act of (V) treason, a mysterious stranger arrives to preach his doctrine, drawing all eyes to the dark corner of the New Town Theater. Encouraged by a good many heresies, he soon becomes the cause of (VI) disquiet to the father of the good and the


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The Crusader of the Dark Era is a real-time strategy game set in a world where soldiers from different nations fight for the land, and the winner will rule the world.
Game features:
1. Game is designed to make players feel like a real soldier!
2. Full-size 3D battlefield
3. Realistic and immersive game world, mission design, weapons, weapons fighting, and other elements
4. Realistic battlefield, life-like weapons, weapons fighting, fighting mode, weapon and soldier effect, rich world map
5. Strategic view and troop control
6. Unit construction, unit reinforcement, unit replacement and reinforcement, military train the soldiers and build military base
7. Resource management, supply economic structure, and technology upgrading
8. Main missions: Campaign, siege, escort, carry loot
9. Strategic view during battle
10. Realistic effects, such as black rifle, killing blow, shooting injuries, and death
11. Full-size 3D battlefield. More than 1500 battlefield area.
12. Equipped with full-size 3D battlefield, mission design, weapon, weapons fighting, soldier, unit construction, and life-like fighting effect.
13. Plenty of in-depth game elements. More than 65 different units, including aircraft, infantry, cavalry, artillery, special weapons, navy, airforce, soldier equipment, vehicles, armor, siege equipment, horseback, carriage, palanquin, ship and other units, all of which allows players to realize their full soldier fighting and combat mode.
14. Realistic and interactive game world. Many of the real historical battlefields are used as the game environments, such as at Dajin Island, Lake Ashi, Damghan castle, Baalbek, Ain Dara, Teihon, Marab, Asak, Seleucia, Tarsus, Hattin, Baalbek, Najaf, Palmyra, Selim Tower and etc. Realistic game map and environmental conditions, every region and town.
15. Realistic and interactive weapons. There are more than 50 different weapons, such as the traditional Chinese rifle, the bayonet, the Type 93 rifle, the cartridge rifle, the SMG, the machine gun, the flamethrower, the rocket launcher, etc.
16. Realistic soldiers, weapons, weapons fighting, combat mode, and soldier effect, killing blow and death.
17. Rich maps, complicated operation. Enter the battlefield quickly, carry out wide range


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