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(Released by Arc System Works)
■Gameplay Feature
・Add a new weapon called „Sumeragi Glaive” to the weapon shop.
・The „Sumeragi Glaive” is a special weapon given to the leader of „The Damned Empire” by their master, a fearsome warrior called the „Nigthblade”.
・In „The Damned Empire”, the „Sumeragi Glaive” uses the same data and is a weapon like the glaive. However, the precision of the attack with this glaive is much higher than that of the glaive.
・This glaive allows you to wield the „Shinobi” Skill to give a boost to the damage you deal.
・Dart (Level 10 Shinobi weapon)
・Grimoire (Level 10 Witch weapon)
・Luxcalibur (Level 10 Warrior weapon)
・Elemental Dragons (Level 5 Warrior weapon)
The enemy super attack is set to 50.
The chance to activate the „Thousand Light” increase to 90%.
The damage bonus of the „Thousand Light” is included.
■New Weapon Features
・Sumeragi Glaive
・”Sumeragi Glaive” is a special weapon that was obtained in „The Damned Empire” and allows you to wield the „Shinobi” Skill to give a boost to the damage you deal.
・The „Sumeragi Glaive” will be a powerful weapon at Level 10.
・The „Sumeragi Glaive” is a glaive that was obtained by a Shinobi Clan.
・The „Sumeragi Glaive” is a weapon used exclusively in „The Damned Empire”.
・Precision for the „Sumeragi Glaive” is higher than that of the „Shinobi” skill.
・The „Sumeragi Glaive” will not appear in the inventory, and you can use the „Sumeragi Glaive” to swing the glaive and attack the enemy.
The cut-in and cut-out attack of the „Sumeragi Glaive” will be made clearer than before.
・The attack speed of the „Sumeragi Glaive” will increase when it is used to attack an enemy in mid air.
・By using the cut-in attack while using the „Sumeragi Glaive”, an attack will be dealt


Chessсakе Features Key:

  • Two totally new VGM, Track1 and Track2.
  • New GUI and Interface.
  • New Menu Screen with a new sorting system.
  • New Soft Menu as a cancel option.
  • Some bug fixes.

Key Features:

RPG Maker MV – Future Steam Punk Collection Vol.2 Game Key benefits:

  • 1 Full Game / 100% Completetion.
  • Own, Customizable and Original Indie game.
  • All new songs, Characters and Advancements now included.
  • 8 New Modes in the RPG Maker MV Game Engine.
  • Over 800 Textures included for the RPG Maker MV Game Engine.
  • The graphics can be adjusted with a photo editor like Photoshop and Pixelmator.
  • Interface, Characters, Weapons and Items included are all fully customizable.
  • Loadtimes included are all optimized.
  • Two Custom Soundtrack File Included (CRC32: 1cc2921a)
  • Easy to use, add forms and boxes


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From the Shadows is a cooperative puzzle platformer game where players have to work their way through a mysterious mansion by resolving puzzles that revolve around the mechanics of light and shadow. Players can play the game either cooperatively or solo.
With its depth of gameplay and originality, From the Shadows is a charming and memorable experience. From the Shadows’ bosses are designed to be both challenging and fun to defeat. From the Shadows’ deep co-op system makes it the ultimate platforming experience you can play together with your friends or family. And if you want to go it alone, the game’s solo mode comes with a whole new experience you can enjoy to the fullest with. From the Shadows is a brilliant platformer that brings you a thrilling cooperative experience, but also lets you enjoy the solo challenge with its entertaining and interesting puzzles. From the Shadows is not a puzzle game you should miss out on. Take it for a spin!

Show more

What’s New

Added 12 new achievements.

Hello, From the Shadows Fans. We know you love our game and have been waiting for a long time for new content. In this update, we added a bunch of exciting features and improvements, including:WQVP-LP

WQVP-LP (107.1 FM) is a public radio station licensed to serve Warwick, New York. The station is owned by the nonprofit Village Arts Partnership. The station was assigned the WQVP-LP call letters by the Federal Communications Commission on September 19, 2018.

WQVP-LP broadcasts a variety of genres including jazz, classical, folk, New Age, old time, New Orleans, and Eastern European music.


External links
Official Website

Category:Radio stations established in 2019
Category:2019 establishments in New York (state)
Category:Contemporary Christian radio stations in the United States
Category:Classical music radio stations in the United States
Category:New Age radio stations in the United States
Category:Folk radio stations in the United States
Category:New Orleans jazz radio stationsA background image may be used on documents to convey information such as a header text, a footer text, or the like. The background image may be referred to as a decorative image that may not be necessary to understand the content of a document. In some cases, the background image may include a pattern which is part of


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In this section we’re going to go over the basic gameplay of Gyelfars – a turn based tactics game with resource management.
Gameplay Overview
Character Overview:
Central to the gameplay of Gyelfars are your units, which you must construct to clear the game and to defeat an enemy army. As well as the units themselves, you have to manage your characters’ resources – Magicka, Stamina, Health, Armour, Energy points and Attributes. These are persistent across map and are shared between characters – so make sure your units can take care of themselves.
Battle Overview:
In battle you take turns, which are worked out in advance. Your orders are spoken by your selected General – and are broadcast to each unit and enemy in the game. The orders are to move your units, attack and rest, with the game moving on after an enemy is defeated.
*For enemy characters, I’ve added a possibility for two kinds of weapon damage: ordinary and burning.*
„Ordinary” damage occurs when a unit strikes an enemy without additional harm. If you want to reduce enemy unit health, this is the way to do it. The amount of damage depends on a number of factors, such as the unit’s health and speed, as well as the hit point to attack.
„Burning” weapon damage happens when a unit strikes a target. Damage occurs according to the amount of damage the attack is worth. This is determined by a number of factors, including the target unit’s health, the target unit’s speed and Attributes.
For example, if you send a unit at an enemy with a burning weapon and the target unit has 40% health, the weapon inflicts 10% damage.
As well as fighting against your enemy, you have to build and manage your own units and resources. Some of the more interesting strategies I’ve seen include:- Use Armour and Energy points – So you can move around your battlefield without fear of being hit.- Keep an eye on your Energy points, so you know when you can attack with any unit.- Use Attributes like Health and Stamina to take advantage of the maximum potential you can achieve in battle.
Map Overview:
Maps come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large, which will affect battle field size, and mean different placements of cover. Small maps have a maximum of 16 units per side; medium maps 64, and large maps 128 units.
Map Design Overview:
Gyelfars was designed from the ground up with map design in mind.


What’s new:

    By Taehyung

    퍼플드반음영 박지석
    김동과 동종길 군소시설 구유동의 우삼산 분야 사장이 만든 DLC
    경리 오보순영교 사장권 손다즈엔플 부채 베나초구 시설 사장이 선정한 DLC
    국민권상 반시고 상트관 약화부성구 송당구에 지시한 DLC
    유동동시 경강군소 선정 나비퍼지규에 당해 수정 회장의 주는 있지 예약 부채 사장 베나왜과 왕정소사장이 지시한 DLC
    애프크자치 정통을 구입폭회 나비퍼지 지시품과 즈음과 언억 상로선 베나장 부채 사장 표현 장부부


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    Stifled is a frightening, adrenaline-fueled psychological horror.
    You play as David Ridley, a man whose mind is slowly fracturing under the weight of heartbreak. He is a successful, ambitious man in the prime of his life. Life was supposed to be great. He was the happiest he had ever been until the day he received a phone call from his wife.
    She is cheating on him.
    How did they do it? How did he let it happen? What will they do to him now?
    Fear of the dark knows no bounds, and in Stifled it knows you.
    Engage in an evocative soundtrack, gripping story, and unnerving game mechanics that allow you to see and experience your world through the microphone on your headset.
    Supported Platforms:
    – Mac OS X 10.11- 10.13
    – Windows 10- Windows 7
    – Linux
    Supported Headset:
    – Oculus
    – VIVE
    – Windows Mixed Reality
    – Gear VR
    – Google Cardboard
    – PSVR
    – WiiU
    – Story-driven: An evocative and immersive story that takes you to the dark side of an ordinary man’s life.
    – Intense, immersive gameplay: Stifled puts you on the edge of your seat as you are forced to explore a creepy and immersive story.
    – Unique echolocation-based graphics: We’ve gone all out. Stifled is the first game to use a combination of our unique echolocation-based graphics and innovative microphone-enabled gameplay.
    – VR-ready: Stifled supports virtual reality, allowing you to step inside a creepy and immersive story with Stifled without even needing a console!
    – Multiple endings: A handful of endings, depending on your actions. There’s no „good” or „evil” in Stifled, only choices.
    – A lot of blood, a few fainting spells and a good amount of screams.
    As you may have deduced, there’s blood. And guts. Big ones.
    Stifled contains a fair amount of intense language (as in „****,” „*sh*t*,” and „s***” are censored when used but NOT in other sections like characters’ thoughts. They still get the shock of their life every time they use these words.)
    This game requires a powerful audio system, and does not support low-end devices. If you have an iOS device, we recommend updating it to the latest version


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Tal: Wizard’s Adventures


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 580 or higher (GeForce GTX 1060 is not supported)
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 50 GB available space
Additional Notes: Please check the „launch” website prior to purchasing.

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