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■ World Map
The world of Tarnished is a vast world made up of three different regions that each have a distinct atmosphere. In addition, you can get access to the in-game dungeon simply by buying an additional currency called „colors”.

■ Full of Large Dungeons
As you progress, all the routes in the world become more and more complicated. We have significantly increased the level of difficulty of all the dungeons. In addition, a special dungeon is available to combat hordes of monsters and is accessible from the world map.

◆ Tons of Contents
1. Story
– The story of the Characters
– The story of the Gods
– The Mythology of Tarnished
2. Unique Items
– Toughened
– Aether
– Backstory
– Missions
– Job System
– Class Change
3. Combat System
– Graphics
– Movement
– Awakening
– Awakening Drive/Priority
– Ability
– Abilities
– Skill
– Skill Tension
– Character Cohesion
– Rule of Tension
– Life Points
– Attacks
– Boundaries
– Destiny-bound Movements
– Battle System
– Conflicts
– Conflict Hits
– Giga
– Dynamite
– Vitality
– One-on-one Mechanics
4. Character Development
– Create Your Own Character
– Weapon Upgrades
– Skill Leveling
– Attributes
– Character Development
– Skill Leveling
– Attributes
– Class Change
5. RPG Elements
– Job System
– Guild
– Inventory
– Currency
6. Tower of Rune
– Tower of Rune
– Tower of Rune to Colosseum
– Tower of Rune to Cuerphilla
– Tower of Rune to Lemures
7. Dungeons


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Character Customization
  • Tons of Active and Engaging PVP!
  • A Unique Story
  • A Vast World
  • Garden of Tali

    Another original chapter of the Tarnished Prince series that began in “The Tarnished Prince”. Each adventure requires players to fight against monsters, find hidden secrets, and unravel the truth behind the mystery of the Land Between.

    Exclusive post-game content!

    Making new friends : All players will receive in-game character and equipment related to the Rank of a guild member in the Nether, which is a new way to make new friends that’s more exciting than sending in-game gifts.
    New events: New quests and daily quests will take place following the battle, where the story of the Nether evolves and even the arena battles themselves become different. New themed guilds, characters, and special events will appear, allowing you to enjoy the lands!

    New Crafts: New crafting recipes will open after completion of seven of the seven standard tiers. You will be able to use the materials and resources you could only gather in the Nether during normal play to make new crafting items. The recipes will also include some surprises!

    New Equipment: What’s making you look lonely? The other guild members in Tarnished Prince can make new equipment based on the materials taken from the Nether!

    New Items: New items related to the Nether will become available to you during the event! You will be able to use these items to make your character more eye catching and attractive.