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Social Media Typeface Standards

To get involved, use the FB or Twitter links or go to the website at

Slavic Typefaces

If you scroll down on the website you will find the information about the American Standard Serif. The Ballantyne Type Foundry and the American Type Founders Company were the two most important typefaces in America in the first half of the 19th century.

American Type Foundry examples

American Type Founders Company examples

J. M. Trigg Proposal of the American Type Founders Company in 1867

The American Type Founders Company published this in 1865

Arrangement of the typefaces, by order of importance

Allegorical Typefaces

After the demise of the American Type Founders Company in 1866, the Philadelphia-based firm, the D. Appleton and Company, took its place with regard to typefaces. Among the companies that will be remembered are the Caslon Proprietary Foundry and the Lawton Type Foundry. The typefaces by the Caslon Proprietary Foundry were based on the fonts that the Royal Prussian type foundry had previously used. They included the Baskerville and the Copperplate. The Caslon Proprietary Foundry’s typefaces eventually were merged with other typeface foundries and became the Linotype Company.

British Typefaces

In London, at the British Museum, exists the largest collection of type on this planet. Many English typefaces have the same name as their American counterparts. The British Museum’s collection, which has been called “The Mother of all Type Collections”, has been at the British Museum since 1753. Because it was a government library, it was founded on a vast collection of books. In 1980, the British Museum’s entire collection was transferred to the British Library, while other collections, such as books and journals, were transferred to other institutions such as the British Library and the British Library of Political and Economic Science.

British Type Foundries

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